Service maintenance by EMMK

The subscriber’s service maintenance of lifts, escalators and lifting platforms for disabled occupies leading position in PANGRATZ Ltd.  We are proud of our speedy and 

professional servicing at the highest level. Our proposals and solutions are based on the latest technologies, as well as on the rich experience and vast knowledge of our staff members. Escalators, moving walks/ paths and lifts – all of them are a significant and long-term investment, anyway subject to fast devaluation if neglected and disrepaired. PANGRATZ Ltd supports keeping value, made possible by the concept on faultless maintenance by PANGRATZ Ltd.  The reliability of Your lift equipment determines not only Your good reputation as an owner, but also the good name of PANGRATZ Ltd.

PANGRATZ Ltd have developed, applied and perfected a program on prophylactic service maintenance of each type of equipment.  Basic attention is paid on the safety of the lift’s users, as well as of the company’s staff members.   Another key element of our service maintenance program is the preventive service combined with preventive diagnostics, aimed at reduction and even elimination of standstill of equipment due to failures.   As a result thereof, lifts and escalators under our service maintenance exhibit exclusively low level of failures and emergencies.  Our program was proven in over 100 objects on the territory of the country.   Also, the program is currently proving itself at leading companies at the market of service maintenance for the high class lifts and escalators.  

Safety is leading for PANGRATZ Ltd upon the performance of all service activities. All our actions are directed to ensuring safety of users of the installations maintained by us. That’s why our technicians are constantly trained and examined in respect of the application of the strict safety rules to ensure the safety of theirs, as well as that of equipment users. PANGRATZ Ltd applies at the service maintenance market strict documentation/recording of executed service works. Thus practically we introduced new standards at the market of service maintenance and repair of lifts and escalators.   This experience of ours is successfully implemented for many years also by other companies in this business in Bulgaria.  PANGRATZ Ltd service maintenance represents a qualitative ending of the works on the delivery and assembly of Your lifts and escalators. Our service maintenance turns performed work in a completed solution of the vertical transport for passengers and loads in Your building. PANGRATZ Ltd are convinced that the best investment is the one in the staff’s promotion and the establishment of the best possible conditions to work.  That’s how we are constantly investing in the delivery of the requested plant and equipment, the supply of the necessary spare parts and provision of professionally educated technical staff for maintenance of lifts and escalators.  Thanks to this policy we are successfully gaining the market of this service in the country.

PANGRATZ Ltd constantly analyze the needs of our clients and maintain permanent spare parts inventories. Every month we analyze the condition of the facilities under our maintenance and on that basis, as well as based on the manufacturers’ documentation we determine the necessary quantities of spare parts, in view of maintaining the installations serviced by our company in good technical condition and capable of safe operation.

You need timely help upon detection of problems or occurrence of failures – do not hesitate to contact us.  Our service technicians are professionals of long-term experience in maintaining and repair of lifts, escalators, lifting platforms for disabled and will be pleased to solve Your problems irrespective of the trade mark of Your installation, whether Your are a client of PANGRATZ Ltd or not, in a fast, pleasant and competent way.  You are willing to avoid production disturbances and devaluation? In such a case we are recommending You the PANGRATZ Ltd concept on orderly maintenance.  Through prophylactic servicing, regular checks and timely repair of worn parts Your installation will keep as valuable as during its first day of operation.

The ensured subscriber’s service and maintenance are in conformity with the requirements of the Ordinance on safe operation and technical supervision of lifts, and the manufacturer’s instructions.  
If you need maintenance support for lifts and escalators, we are the specialist in the maintenance and repair of such, ensuring their faultless operation for years to come.


PANGRATZ Ltd service maintenance includes:

  • Regular prophylactic cleaning and lubricating of all junctions.
  • All necessary adjustments and additional adjustments.
  • Technical service and out-of-plan warning repairs.
  • Current repair works.
  • Prophylactic checks of installations and their protection devices not less than once per every 10 days.
  • Keeping of logbook on the technical condition of facilities and the results from checks and repairs, as well as comprising of bilaterally signed protocols of each PANGRATZ Ltd visit.  
  • All spare parts, including fast wearing ones, requested for maintenance of lifts and escalators in technical order and capable of safe operation, are provided by EMMK irrespective of the trade mark of the installation.
  • 24-service for the performance of repair works for release of trapped passengers.  
  • Rendering of instructions against signature of authorized representative of the users for the safe operation of lifts and escalators.
  • Regaining of lifts’ and escalators’ technical order upon failure, the time of arrival on site is up to one hour after receiving of service order.     
  • Attendance of periodic checks and fulfillment of the directions of the State Technical Surveillance Authorities.
  • Providing safety of shafts’ openings and working places when working on the lift, in conformity with the provisions of the acting codes and standards.  
  • Cleaning of machine room and pit.


How to select a maintenance company for the lifts

Please contact only companies with actual registration in the Register of the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS) of entities performing activities on maintenance, repairing and reconstruction of facilities at higher risk. First of all, study the market of the service for the particular trade mark of lifts, having in view that Your choice is very responsible.

There are a lot of companies at the market dealing with maintenance which do well with one or two trade marks but are entirely incapable to cope with other marks, types and generations of lifts.  This is due to the fact that each lifts’ manufacturer has its own technical peculiarities of production. So, most important for You is to study the market of this service for the particular mark, model and generation of lifts and to establish contact with companies that know and maintain lifts of the same type, mark and generation. This will ensure You the advantage that the selected company will rectify with good speed and competence, even unnoticeably for You, all revealed faults and defects. On the basis of market study, please select at least two companies, if possible, and collect offers and references from them. Do not forget to visit other clients of theirs and check the condition of equipment, as well as obtain information on the performance of the company.
Not always the lowest price means good quality of service.
Upon negotiating of the service price, please pay attention that not always the lowest price means good service.  Keep in mind that on this choice depends Your safety, as well as the stable and faultless operation of the facility in the following years.     

What are we to keep ourselves from upon concluding of a lifts’ service contract

Every contract has a commencement, as an end. Upon concluding of a contract, always keep in mind you may request its termination sooner or later. Never sign contracts whose termination requires paying of monthly fees on Your part till expiry of the period of contract or any other penalty!
 Included services: the following services must be included at a minimum:

  • Regular monthly service maintenance
  • Functional checks of the installation not less than once per every 10 days, in accordance with the Ordinance on safe operation and technical surveillance of lifts
  • 24-hour service
  • These two services are obligatory in accordance with the Ordinance on safe operation and technical surveillance of lifts.  All companies at this market are OBLIGED to provide them to their customers.
  • Additional available recommendable services:
  • Calls for release of trapped passengers    
  • Calls for repair of faults on the installations

Again, these two services are obligatory in accordance with the Ordinance on safe operation and technical surveillance of lifts. Some companies do not include them in the price and the subject of their contracts. Regardless of the above, recommendable is including of these exceptionally important services in the subject and price of contract, to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.  Any carelessness on Your part in this respect for sure will cost You quite dearly at the time of validity of contract. The reason is that if some services are not included in the subject of contract You are to pay them separately in the future upon their occurrence, thus an apparently low contract price proves substantially higher in the long run. That’s how one phone call to the emergency team may cost You as much as Your monthly fee!  

What are we to pay attention to after signing of a lift’s service maintenance contract?

Control the performance of the maintenance company from the very first day.
Pay attention whether the company visits regularly Your facility, as well as whether the logbook is regularly maintained. Moreover, check if the company has fixed at a visible place in the cabin instructions on the lift’s usage and emergency call numbers. Of importance is the availability of a sticker in the cabin with a clearly marked date of the next periodic check, fixed by the person performing technical surveillance under relevant contract.  You should be aware that the absence of such a sticker is sanctioned by the Regional Department of the State Technical Surveillance Inspectorate upon check by Act of administrative default.  Please require comprising of bilateral protocols upon each visit of the service technicians. Pay attention to the technical order of the lift. Observe for any unusual noises and vibrations upon operation, exact positioning of the cabin upon stopping at floor levels, regular operation of buttons and signaling of the cabin, regular operation of cabin’s lighting and emergency signaling, movement of doors, etc.  Timely inform the maintenance company about any defaults noticed.
You have to trust Your confidence with us that we are to undertake all engagements in order to keep Your facility in faultless operation for years to come.