Modernization presupposes conformity with security and safety standards.   

Have You any hesitations that Your lift at the time being is not in conformity with the safety standard? Do passengers complain of hazardous gaps between the lift and landing platform? Is the cabin looking worn and old fashioned? Are Your guests forced to wait long before arrival of the lift? Is the cabin often overcrowded? With the PANGRATZ Ltd modernization solution and a subscriber’s service maintenance contract You are to save yourselves all such problems. A modern design of the cabin would improve the overall view of the building and contribute to increase its value. This is of special importance for office buildings, hotels and residential cooperation buildings. The lift is the visit card of the building.

As any other facility, the lift ages necessitating execution of a series of “update” upgrades.  To ensure vision of the cabin, doors, button pads, buttons, data display in correspondence to Your wishes and the image of the building in the best possible way, we would like to propose You the most modern solutions concerning not only the modern view of the lift, but also improving its technical parameters of safety, comfortability, energy efficiency and environmental soundness.   

When is the moment suitable for modernization?

Any time when:

You have doubts that Your lift is not in conformity with the safety standard.   
Your visitors wait for long before arrival of the lift.
Upon any change in the designation of the building.
The lift is:
Over 10 years of age.
The cabin looks worn and old fashioned.
Often overcrowded and out of function.
Has negative effect on the value and efficiency of the building.  

 Modernization provides You with the possibility to dispose of the advantages of a new lift.