We at PANGRATZ Ltd stand by about our clients and their interests, that’s why we recommend and implement the best and most up-to-date technical solutions. We offer at the market economic, environmentally sound and energy saving solutions of lift equipment.

Electric lifts without machine room MRL

It’s widely recognized that the lift transport is one of the most broadly used worldwide, being one of the transport types consuming significant el. power quantity.  At a time when speaking more and more often about energy efficiency, el. power price constantly raising, our planet feeling the signs of global warming, perfection of lifts becomes more important, as well as their developing as more economic and ecologically sound.   Thus the electro-mechanical lifts without machine room have stepped at the market.   They provide an innovative solution in lifts equipment combining in itself a number of up-to-date engineering achievements which lead to substantial reduction of el. power consumption of up to 40% compared with the conventional solutions, the space required for lift’s operation in the building is substantially reduced as the lift together with all its machinery is housed at the shaft only, without needing a separate machine room.  Such lifts are suitable for applications in very responsible projects of intensive passenger’s flow where quality is of major priority, as well as in all other buildings where energy efficiency of equipment is of particular importance.  These lifts are distinguished by their not needing a separate machine room, being equipped with a lifting device of reductor-less  type, three-phase synchronous el. motor drive and operating gear of the latest generation using VVVF frequency adjustment and feedback connection.  Conclusively, we may say this type of lifts match excellently the environmental and economic requirements of out time, combining exceptional energy efficiency, low noise levels during operation and comfortable travel.

Electric lifts with upper and lower machine room

These lifts provide technical solution that is tested and proven for more than a hundred years. They are suitable for any type of building under intensive traffic regime. Recommended are for application in buildings with high intensity of usage. The rated speed of el. lifts is usually 1,0 or 1,6 m/sec. Driving is realized by a lifting device of reductor type with two-speed el. motor or with VVVF frequency adjustment.  

Hydraulic lifts with lower machine room

Such lifts are suitable for buildings with low intensity of passenger’s flow at heights of up to 20 m. The lifting capacity of hydraulic lifts may vary from 320 kg/ 4 persons to 10 t for load and car lifts.  The rated speed of hydraulic lifts is 0,63 m/sec, and upon a special order it may reach up to 1.0 m/sec.

  • SECURITY – standard built in our lifts is intelligent safety system whose function is to provide upon failure of el. power supply automatic driving of the lift to the first stop platform and open the automatic doors. Upon restarting of power supply the lift starts travelling and is adjusted in completely automated mode.


Lifting platforms for disabled

Accidents, illness, even the advanced age may lead to limitations in our daily life.The activities which we used to overcome easily in the past now may prove difficult tocope with. We are well aware of the problems and consequences of such situation, and we are to propose You secure solutions. Our proposals contain solutions ensuring Your ability to move safely and comfortably.   Always, at Your wish, without needing a companion. Delivery of the lifting platforms for disabled offered by EMMK is carried out entirely from Austria, without any local additional supplies or completing.    
The platforms are elegantly matching with any environment, regardless of whether mounted at home or at public places.  


Every building, irrespective of its size and complexity, needs appropriately selected equipment for vertical transportation. The right determination of the number, capacity and driving speeds of lifts and escalators in the building is of the greatest importance for ensuring passengers’ comfort and prestige of the building, also effecting future renters and owners of its.    In any case, if not done on time, the requested modifications later prove quite expensive or even impossible. Quite often after the selection of lifts and escalators is made and the building is already constructed, the equipment proves unable to cope with the passenger’s flow in the building which becomes evident to everyone because of the very long time waiting for the lifts at the floors and the very long time of travelling with the lifts. In such a case the reasons thereof are complex, and the question thereabout may be posed to many parties -  the designers, the investors, and even the company-supplier of the installations.. To avoid such problems, of greatest importance is from the very stage of designing to make the proper selection of the number, location and travelling speeds of the lifts in the building on the basis of the modern requirements by the relevant specialists – an independent expert consultant or a company dealing with the delivery and assembly of lifts, disposing in any case with the necessary methods and qualified staff to calculate and specify the requested parameters. Each building lives its own life and has its own functionality during its entire life cycle. Building’s life cycle is always exceptionally long, and the wrong or good solutions live as long as the building, and in most cases remain to exist after us.  

The PANGRATZ Ltd, thanks to its highly qualified and experienced staff, is able to support You in the right choice of vertical transportation equipment – lifts, escalators and lifting platforms for disabled for Your building.